The Black Artists Retreat [B.A.R.] was co-founded by Eliza Myrie and Theaster Gates in 2013. The pair convened The Black Artists Retreat annually in Chicago, IL through 2016.

As an artist-led initiative, The Black Artists Retreat was guided by the tenets of fellowship, rejuvenation, and intellectual rigor, and created space for an intergenerational group of black visual artists outside of traditional art institution formations.

Over that term [B.A.R.] experimented with bringing different arrangements of artists, academics, and curators together, thus programming the event as a dynamic studio space in and of itself. As the form adapted each year, [B.A.R.] subsequently reflected and produced key questions animating the work of black artists within and beyond the United States. In this, [B.A.R.] worked to create spaces of convening that subverted dominant modes of organizing and affiliation that are often oriented around institutions of higher learning and museums. 

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